Parkcity Garden Inn Bintulu

I know the owners so no choice have to give reasonable review. :) This lovely inn is located in Parkcity Commercial Area. They have elevators so you do not have to worry about carrying your bags up the stairs. I have not stayed here yet but I have seen the rooms. The rooms are reasonably size, not too small but the long TV cabinet makes the walkway a little narrow. Other than that I think this Inn is pretty good to live in as it is still new but since its new, maybe many things still an on going process.  You can check out their room at their website

Location is not too bad. Got Midtown Bistro right next door so if you feel bored...go see a movie.

Oh Ya...they are offering Introductory Rate of RM66.90 for a limited time...better grab it while you can! Seventy bucks is super cheap. You will not find any other place that will offer this type of deal.


Oops! No more RM66.90 or RM88.90 price. The Introductory special rates is no longer valid. Now they have up it to RM99.++


Stay here for two nights. Lovely room. It comes with a huge bed. King Size. Full amenities...comes with slippers. 

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Ocean Inn Bintulu

This Inn is located at Medan Commercial Square. Below this Inn is a shop serving home made pau. I have yet to try it.
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Midming Inn Bintulu

This inn is located in Medan Commercial Square area.
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Klang Bak Kut Teh In Bintulu

Bak Kut Teh one of my favourite food. I must go and eat this dish at least once a month. I will order just meat with no fat, the pork balls and liver. I do not eat the other parts of the porkie. 

Now about Klang Bak Kut Teh Bintulu, the one thing that I find very interesting is that they make their own pork balls. Its a little peppery but quite good. They served Bak Kut Teh for morning breakfast and lunch. The other day I went there for dinner but they did not have any so best to go for lunch if you want to catch some.

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CT1 Inn Bintulu

Drove by Parkcity Commercial Square and spotted this newly opened CT1 Inn. No time to hop off and check out the place yet. Maybe in my next visit. However heard from the locals that the chicken rice offered in their restaurant is not bad.

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