The Chef Bakery Bintulu

This was the yummiest pineapple tart ever! Made by The CHEF bakery. Look at those generous thick jam insert. The thin crust was crispy and fresh. RM6.90 a pack. I bought two and they go down very fast. :)

They three few branches. The oldest and original shop is found in Bintulu Town itself. One in Parkcity Commercial Square and the other at Assaykirin Commercial Square

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Farley Shopping Mall

Farley Shopping Mall is bigger than Sing Kwong. Got food court at the ground floor and everything else in the building. Below is the shot of Farley's roof taken from Kemena hotel. For this photo you can see that it is Nooooooottttt...that far but do take note that you have cross a wide road to get across to Farley. If you need to get a clearer view...zoom into google maps. You will see how asykirin commercial center is separated from Megah commercial center.

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Sing Kwong

A small size supermarket cum departmental store near to Kemena Commercial Centre.
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Mardiah Resort Bintulu

Another resort in Bintulu. Really run down looking place. It has good potential if the owner does some upgrading. Resorts are supposed to be out of the way so you cant blame this one for being out of the way. It is located along the airport road

View of the main road from the resort. The surrounding hill is planted with fruit trees

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