900 Cafe Bintulu

Great ambiance and yummy food with value for your money oh...their pizza and sandwiches are their speciality here. Tried the pizza...not bad. Thin crust my favourite. Yet to try their sandwiches...soon...soon

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900 Inn Bintulu

New hotel in Bintulu. Its boutique quality. Not bad. Very nice decor. Stayed in their junior suite...it had a poster bed...very very nice. But not enuf sound proofing...can hear people walking and talking along the corridors. Not to mention the closing of the shop below. No elevator too so if you have heavy load (like me)...make the porter carry it for you or else its a long haul to the top floor!!

The uniquness of this hotel is the decoration...and I love how the owner did a water fall in the middle of the hotel with garden and a tall tree included!!! This hotel is way out of town so if you dont have transport its a no no. They have a restaurant which serves pretty good food and there is also another chinese restaurant opposite this hotel. This chinese restaurant is the culprit that causes me to have eventful sleep whenever they shut their shutter. There is an old man selling satay there which the hotel staff claims sells very good satay but i have not had the opportunity to try it. Maybe the next visit I will give it a try.

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View of Bintulu Town

Sun set in Bintulu. Taken from the top floor of Li Hua Hotel. Great viewweeeee...must see to appreciate. On the far end close to the sea (middle)...you can see the Jin Hold Building. 

 New World Mall and Hotel

 Some apartment suite on the far right

Kemena Hotel and Tune Hotel on the far right
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Marco Polo Restaurant Bintulu

I love this restaurant. The above salad dish is called Kerabu Paku. Basically its local fern vege with dried shrimp. We also ordered steam promfret...its my favourite. Delicious.

This resto is located at the end of the bintulu town. Next to Maybank. They have another branch at Kidurung Club.

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Li Hua Hotel Bintulu

Stayed here for RM88 with breakfast for two. I think its a good deal. Their top floor has pool too. Breakfast is very simple. Fried mee, sausages, chicken nugget, porridge, water melon, toast with kaya and coffee/tea. Rooms are clean with mini bar. Although I find the strong wind and rain at night causes the room to be a little spooky.

Window rattling and whistling sound echoing in the room....errr...dunno whether I should stay here again but the pool is tempting...didnt bring my swim suit so this round I had to skip the pool oh...

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