JD's Fine Food (Formerly Mr Ho Restaurant Bintulu)

Mr Ho Fine Dinning Restaurant is located at Parkcity Commerical Square. They make their own sausages which is also for sale if you want to buy it. The cost of eating here is not so cheap but still its nice to be pampered from time to time. The sausages are not as tasty as I expect it to be. Cannot fight Gunter's Gasthaus restaurant in Kota Kinabalu. Mr Ho also serves Sau Nyuk freshly baked.


Mr HO no more. Now it is called JD's Fine Food. Whether the quality is still the same I am not sure as this trip I had no time to give the new place a taste.

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Another Kuching Laksa In Bintulu

You can find another Kuching Laksa stall at Ho Ga Pang Shop located right opposite Farley Food Court in Parkcity Commercial Square. Beside that, there is another stall inside the shop serving pork noodle and dumplings. We tried some fried dumpling which was a little too dry for me.

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Bintulu Night Market

Bintulu does have a night market. Its a small one. Selling mostly fruits, vege and hawker food. Its located nearby to Ta Kiong Supermarket beside the old airport.

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Similajau Beach Bintulu

If you do not want to pay the park fee at Similajau Park and do not mind a treacherous hike down the cliff then follow my trail.

Take the same road going to Similajau Park. About 2km in after the camp, you see a road on your left. This will lead you to the Telecom station. Park your car by the side of the road. Along the way take note of the lovely orchid flowers that grew in abundance here. There are also see plenty of pine trees here and if you have the time to look around, you might notice some pitchers plants too.

Start hiking to path on your left. You will notice there is a stream that follows the rocky path and runs all the way to the beach. I guess on rainy days this path can be pretty flood so its a no no to go on rainy days k.

There is one very steep smooth spot to walk down so you have to be very careful. It was slow baby steps for me all the way. You will also have to pass through a narrow trail of tall grasses and bushes. Another steep rocky path as you get closer to the beach. When you come to a T junction, take the right path.

Almost to the bottom you will have to cross this rickety plank of wood as a bridge and finally you are down. Phew!

The beach is surrounded by high cliffs all the way. The sea shore are scattered with a lot of human debris and broken wood. Its sad to see a beautiful beach turn into dumping ground. Hopefully one day, the government will do something to improve this place.

If you feel like making a trip to this beach, the ariel view map of the location is given in the picture below. Take note of the telecom building with blue roof at the bottom left of the picture.

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Ban Kee Cafe Restaurant Bintulu

Lots of local come to this restaurant. Not for the delicious food but for the cheap price. Yup you heard it from me. Sorry this round I was too hungry and the guest were pretty entertaining that I forgot completely to take photograph of the food. :)

Anyhow the famous dish here is the pork with salt fish on claypot. My next visit I will sure to take lots of photo for you.

This restaurant is located in the middle of Bintulu Town. The whole alley turns into a bustling makan area at night. I do not know if they open in the day time but I assume so.

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Bolaven Restaurant Cafe Bintulu

Bolaven Cafe comes from Laos serving high grade coffee. Beside San Francisco Cafe this is the only other cafe in Bintulu Town. Do you have a choice? I don't think so. No starbucks here. No Coffee Bean. I am not a fan of coffee so its better I do not say much. However my friends who drank Bolaven coffee says its worth the price. Yup, this is a starbuck price affair. No kopitiam cheapo version here.

Most of the coffee is served with a glass of water by the side which I find quite freshing. The food here is so so but the dessert is delicious though. I tried the cheesecake and the chocolate mousse. You will be in chocolate heaven if you try their chocolate mousse. Heard that they use imported chocolate. YUM...

Since I am not a fan of coffee, I had a go with their dragon fruit juice. It was pure juice.

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Bintulu Port

It was a slow sunday so we decided to take a drive down to the Bintulu Port. There are two buildings that was build with the shape of ships. They were pretty huge as you can see in the photograph. The highlight was reaching this dead end whereby you will have a wonderful view of the port, maybe a harboring ship or two and the aquamarine blue sea. 

At the same time you will probably get a smell of something metallic that seemed to have come from the nearby industrial plant. I wonder how healthy are those workers working and breathing unhealthy air everyday. I heard they are paid a bomb just to work around this area. 

For me, no matter how much the pay is, I prefer to work somewhere else where it is cleaner and less toxic. 

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MLNG Plant Look Out Tower Bintulu

This is an interesting Look Out Tower overlooking the famous Bintulu MLNG Plant. Its about 30 mins drive and you will need a local to direct you this tower.

This tower must have been a popular hand out place during its heydays. Now its all in ruins.

I was all gungho climbing up the first stair case until I notice the condition those railings are in. Its all rusted and if you are not careful, you can be the first falling victim of MLNG Lookout tower.

With shaky legs I finish my climb with no more Gungho. I think it flew away in the strong breeze that blew that day.

Even the breathtaking view of the huge MLNG Plant did stop the image of falling tower from my head. I was more interested to get back down to solid ground as soon as possible.

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