Marco Polo Restaurant Bintulu 2023

The old establishment that used to be in the old town section has now found a new home at the Wiwo Hotel [Medan Jaya Commercial Centre, Bintulu, Sarawak]. It used to be my favorite restaurant and must visit whenever I am down for a holiday.

I love this restaurant. I always ordered their salad dish called Kerabu Paku. Basically its local fern vege with dried shrimp. We also ordered steam promfret...its one of my favourite. Delicious. And their BESTSELLER Pepper beef and Garlic Lamb (see photo above) : 

UPDATED 2023 : This bestseller is no longer in the menu. Luckily the waiter knows about it and we asked for a small serving. We got a shocked to find out that it cost RM100 per plate! That was totally cut throat price considering how small the portion was. 

The taste of the garlic lamb and the pepper beef is still as good as before though. You got to like pepper if you want to taste this dish. The pepper bits is very powerful and will burst in your mouth like a bomb.

The price per dish is no longer the same. Since it is located in Medan area and under a hotel establishment even the price has increased.

Luckily the taste of the food is still as good as ever. The waiting time was reasonable. We went there early so I cannot guarantee a good service if you were to go there at peak hour.

This restaurant used to be located at the end of the bintulu town. Next to Maybank. They have another branch at Kidurung Club but I am unsure if it is still the same management that is running it.