The Promenade Waterfront Bintulu

Bintulu, a coastal town in Sarawak, may not be as famous as other cities in Malaysian Borneo, but it has its own charm. One of its most beautiful spots is the Promenade Waterfront, a long stretch of well-maintained walkway overlooking the sea.

As I arrived at the Promenade Waterfront, I was immediately taken by the breathtaking view of the Kemena Bridge, which spans the Kemena River and connects Bintulu to the nearby town of Sebauh. Though still under construction during my visit in March 2023, it promised to be an even more impressive sight once completed.

As I walked along the promenade, I was amazed by how well-designed it was. The walkway was about as wide as a car lane, with clean paved tiles and a sea wall all the way to the town centre. The sea breeze was refreshing, and the view of the ocean was calming.

The promenade is a haven for joggers and walkers alike. As I strolled leisurely along the awesome beachfront, I noticed families picnicking, couples holding hands and taking photos, and even fishermen casting their nets into the sea. The promenade was bustling with activity, but it never felt overcrowded.

A 15 to 20-minute leisurely stroll along this promenade will bring you to the town centre of Bintulu. A stone throw away is the SPRING mall. Here, there are many restaurants, pubs and entertainment outlets, which open till quite late to cater to the largely oil and gas community in Bintulu.

Elsewhere in the old town centre, apart from a few scattered restaurants, everything is dead after 9.oopm. Bintulu is a commercial centre, and not known for tourism. However, if you are looking for a beautiful place to walk in the morning or evening, then the Promenade Waterfront is an excellent choice.

While it is true that the town may not have much to offer in terms of tourist attractions, it is definitely worth a visit just to experience the beauty of the Promenade Waterfront. The combination of fresh air, beautiful scenery, and a bustling atmosphere is sure to make your visit a walk to remember.


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