Bintulu Night Market 2023

In 2012, Bintulu has a small night market located at Jalan Pedada parking lots. It sold fruits, vegetable and streets foods. [2012 Photo Below]

Fast forward a decade later, that night market has grown. It is now twice the size it was in 2012. There are more to see and taste. 

The highlight of this night market is definitely the street food selling from grilled meat on sticks, fried chicken and noodles

The street food stalls are broken into two sides. One for the halal section and the other non halal where non muslims can indulged in tender pork stews and delicious pork belly fritters

For dessert there are cakes traditionally type and western too. There are drinks from coffee, fruit juice, jelly drink to coconut juice. 

For those who want to try local traditional cuisine there are many to be found here. 

Even exotic food that you would never consider are also available and they come in the form of worms. 

Beside the food, you can find souvenirs, trinkets, shoes and clothing. There are also fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh chicken to buy if you miss the morning market.