Similajau National Park Bintulu - Before & Now

Similajau National Park is just 30 kilometres northeast of Bintulu and offers far more than just wonderful beaches. There are jungle trails such as View Point Trail, Turtle beach and Golden Beach. There is no known E-hailing services this far so to get here best to drive on your own.

UPDATED 2023 : Most of the park is under repair and the trails are close therefore we found the RM10 entrance fee was a rip off. Below are photographs from our the previous visit we made in 2011. That was 12 years ago when everything was still in good order.

Similajau National Park also have accommodation that is chalets hostels and camp site and one stop interpretation centre. Cafeteria and catering service available here. This part of the park is still ok and visitors can visit here and the beach.

Further along the path will get you to the mouth of the river.



Just at the side of this hut you will see the big sign warning about the presence of crocodile at this beach.

The bridge and huts that dotted the river mouth back in 2011. The bridge is no longer there. The park warden informed us that the whole area is due for an upgrade. 

The wooden walkway that leads to the trails. At the time of this update post this trail is close off.