@Thome Boutique Hotel Bintulu

As I looked out the window of the car, I noticed that Bintulu town was slowly giving way to Kidurong. The once sleepy town was now bustling with activity, thanks to its thriving industrial market. However, as a tourist, there wasn't much to see in Kidurong, and the pollution was overwhelming.

Despite this, I found solace in @Thome, a boutique hotel located in the heart of Bintulu's industrial area. It was the perfect spot for incoming workers or business travelers looking for a comfortable stay. The rooms were surprisingly spacious for a hotel of its grade. Just take note it is a little far from town center approximately 13km away but near to Bintulu Hospital and Columbia Asia Hospital

The breakfast spread was impressive, but what stood out was the briyani. It was simply delicious and the portions were generous, making it the best in Bintulu! At night, the surroundings were quiet, allowing me to have a peaceful sleep. All in all, @Thome proved to be a hidden gem in an otherwise unremarkable town.