Bintang Warisan Restaurant Bintulu

If you drive along Tun Razak road in the evening, you will not miss to notice a brightly colored neon restaurant by the side of the road.

The place is called Bintang Warisan. It looks quaintly at night but if you go there when there is still ample of day light, it can look pretty dreary. It seemed the owners are still in the midst of putting up the finishing touches on their property. There seemed to be plenty of stuff to upgrade but I am not sure if the owners are aware or even bother to do it.

The huts looks nice but it would be crucifying to sit one hour without proper chair. The wooden chairs that we sat on were shaky and hard. Not the kind of place you will spend sitting surfing the net and chatting for hours.

As for the food, well, they offered mostly Malay Thai cooking so be prepared for the spiciness. There are also some western dishes if you want to try.

We ordered their 3 flavored fried fish, belacan kai lan and a plate of Nasi Goreng Kampong (Village fried rice). All the dishes were nice, tasty and super hot. Yup, it was a bad idea to order all spicy items.

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3D Movie In Bintulu

3D movie, anyone?

Finally someone decides to open a mini Cineplex. Can you call it that? I am not sure. It is definitely not a Cineplex. On the outside, the place looks more like a karaoke pub than anything else.

The receptionist provided us with a catalogue containing all the popular movies with credit ratings. If you are a movie freak like me then nothing on their list you have not watch. It’s a waste of money to watch the same movie so we ended up watching a Korean movie called sector 7. I tell you now that it is not the wisest move I have ever made. Really really slow movie. It would have been wiser to watch a block buster movie the 2nd time round than to watch crappy movies.

Nevertheless, the room, sofa and pillow provided were very comfy. They had a huge SONY television and of course SONY 3D glasses. I must say those glasses are not comfortable as those you get at the cinema. After one hour of used it hurt the side of both my ears from its tight crimping frames.

I guess, no matter how much television has improved over the years, you still cannot beat the atmosphere of a wide screen movie theater. Maybe it’s the smell of popcorn or that annoying bad body odor guy on the next seat, maybe even the fellowship of brotherhood as we all scream together during those scary scenes in a movie. As for me, I still prefer watching movies at the cinema.

Midtown Bistro is located at the new Parkcity Commercial Square Shoplots.

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Indian Food In Bintulu

Finally someone decides to open a new trendy banana leaf restaurant in Parkcity Commercial Square. I like this restaurant because it has air condition and the food is not very spicy. Yup you heard it right here. In my opinion they don’t serve the typical taste of Indian food. It was strange that their food was not spicy hot and for once I was not screaming for tissues.

Although the restaurant name is called banana leaf but the food are served in stainless plates and bowls. The banana leaf is only for show and it is use to line the bottom of the tray.

We ordered the fish set and the biryani chicken rice. Like I already said, in taste, something was missing. 

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