Kemena Plaza Hotel Bintulu

I took a visit to this other Kemena hotel property located in Bintulu Town. It used to be called Regency Hotel but the Kemena owner bought it over. It is currently under renovation so I would not stay here until it is done. Apparently got pool but cannot use due to renovation. As you can see from the picture below, there is plenty work to do on this old building.

I am not sure about the service either. I asked to see a room but after waiting ten minutes and yet to be entertained...I quit and walk off. 

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Food In Bintulu

This shop is located right next door to Houz Inn. They serve chinese home style cooking. Their speciality is actually chicken feet. I am not a fan of chicken feet so picture of those...sorry. We ordered porridge instead of rice...a lovely change. We also tried their freshly squeeze sugarcane juice. One fish, one vege, one egg omelet, 2 juice and 2 bowl of porridge cost RM29.50...If you are looking for very cheap food to eat then this is the place to be. 
Oh more thing...the owner runs a very funny system which causes you to wait a longgggggg time for your food to be served. They do not cook the orders by table. Instead they cooked the MOST ordered first. This mean if you order chicken feet, most probably you will get your food before me. A lot of customers ordered the chicken feet dish so i was salivating by the time our food came which was 30 minutes late. 
This restaurant operates for dinner crowd only so get there early or else you might find it hard to get a table.

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Grand Faber Inn Bintulu

The picture above shows you the newly building Grand Faber Inn. The picture below shows you the original inn also called Faber Inn but without the Grand. I am not sure how Grand is the new one. Separating this two inns is Kemena Plaza. 

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Prawn Noodle Extra Big Bintulu

This is one noodle dish that is highly recommended when you visit bintulu. Ask for the big prawn noodle...wet style as shown in the top picture or soup style...both are equally delicious. The chef uses huge prawns to do this dish. Be prepared to pay the price too...about RM13 to RM15 a plate/bowl. This restaurant is located by the river right next door to Riverfront hotel.
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Houz Inn Bintulu

Nice Hotel. Got elevator and kettle in the room. I was not able to visit any room this round because there was not enough staff at the reception. They also have a nice cafe. It serves pretty good range of food which is reasonably price. The cooking style is home cooked so do not have any high expectation k. This hotel is located behind Kemena Plaza Hotel and very close to the jetty. Right smack at the end of main Bintulu town so it will be a long walk to the other end.

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