Taman Tumbina Bintulu 2012

Taman Tumbina is a wild life park. Its about 10 mins drive from the center town Bintulu. Pretty close by. When you get to the entrance you will eventually realise this park badly needs some major upgrade. It only cost about RM2 per adult so going to see a run down park is not so bad.

They do not give you any paper map so you have to depend on the signage located at the entrance to get your bearing. 

There is a pond near the entrance or what used to be a pond. Now its all dried up and only a small stream runs across it

The walkways are pretty run down so you have to be very careful on where you put your steps. The walk up to the deer area looks pretty scary. Take note of the broken steps

We decided to climb up and see the tiger. Its a long way up. No proper stair case here. Must be pretty hard to walk up if it rains. However there were a lot of shady trees so it was kind of a nice climb for me.

Finally the tiger house.  

You will also be rewarded with a nice view of Bintulu shoreline.

And of course, Tumbina's main attraction, the tiger. Looks well kept. In my opinion it has a very big compound, better than Lok Kawi Wild Life Park.

Some of the other attractions to be found in Tumbina.