MLNG Plant Look Out Tower Bintulu

This is an interesting Look Out Tower overlooking the famous Bintulu MLNG Plant. Its about 30 mins drive and you will need a local to direct you this tower.

This tower must have been a popular hand out place during its heydays. Now its all in ruins.

I was all gungho climbing up the first stair case until I notice the condition those railings are in. Its all rusted and if you are not careful, you can be the first falling victim of MLNG Lookout tower.

With shaky legs I finish my climb with no more Gungho. I think it flew away in the strong breeze that blew that day.

Even the breathtaking view of the huge MLNG Plant did stop the image of falling tower from my head. I was more interested to get back down to solid ground as soon as possible.


  1. The 1st time and last time i went there (7 years ago), we saw few used condoms at the staircase.... and it looks like a dumpsite


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