From Dim Sum to Cute Pigs: An Exciting Foodventure at Farley Food Court

OMG, guys! So, like, I went on this super cool food adventure at Farley Food Court in Bintulu, and let me tell you all about it! 😄

First up, they had this dim sum thingy, and I was like, "Whoa, that sounds fancy!" But when I tasted it, I was like, "Hmm, it's okay, but I wanted more POW in my taste buds!" 🤔

Then, the beef noodle happened. I was totally expecting some beefy goodness, but it tasted more like sesame oil noodles! Not what I signed up for, y'know? 😫

But hey, there was this Kueh chap thing, and OMG, it was AMAZING! The meat was like super tender, and the broth was like a big flavor explosion in my mouth! YUM! 🤤

Oh, and guess what?! They had these Pau buns shaped like adorable pig faces! I couldn't resist, and they were ADORBS! Like, seriously, I just wanted to squish their cute little faces before eating them. 😍

But you know what, the laksa Sarawak wasn't like what I've seen on TV. It was kind of milky, and I was expecting more coriander action, you know? Not my fave, but hey, at least I tried it! 😅

Anyway, the food court was pretty clean, and there were lots of space to run around, LOL. And there's one thing you won't find anywhere else - those cute piggy buns! So if you wanna try something fun and tasty, head to Farley Food Court! 🐷✨

Overall, it was a cool place with a mix of hits and misses. I'm like a mini food explorer, and I had a blast trying everything out. So, if you're ever in Bintulu, go check it out and see what you think! Happy eating, peeps! 🍔🍕🍟🍦🍩🍿