Indian Food In Bintulu

Finally someone decides to open a new trendy banana leaf restaurant in Parkcity Commercial Square. I like this restaurant because it has air condition and the food is not very spicy. Yup you heard it right here. In my opinion they don’t serve the typical taste of Indian food. It was strange that their food was not spicy hot and for once I was not screaming for tissues.

Although the restaurant name is called banana leaf but the food are served in stainless plates and bowls. The banana leaf is only for show and it is use to line the bottom of the tray.

We ordered the fish set and the biryani chicken rice. Like I already said, in taste, something was missing. 


  1. Banana leaf is far from being an Indian restaurant. I would call it a Indo-Malay-Chinese restaurant. I don't blame them, there is so much cheap food available in Bintulu served by several road side restaurants that even the expat Indians prefer to eat cheat and save money.
    Banana leaf is however surviving..... that is all that matters I guess......


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