Tumbina Bintulu Zoo Revisited 2023: A Journey of Nostalgia and Surprises


Our last visit to this zoo was in 2012, more than a decade ago. If you want to check out that article, just click this LINK. We can see how this Zoo has improved with time, with proper wooden paths and concrete steps now dotting all around the park and exhibits. However, during the pandemic, things took a downturn. We noticed a few sections that urgently need repairs.

A Day of Surprises:

What made this day even more extraordinary was the fact that everything in the zoo was completely free! We couldn't believe our luck.

However, after our walk around the park, we understood why it was free. The main attraction, the tiger, was no longer there. The sun bear was caged up, and we didn't even catch a glimpse of it. There was only one otter, unlike the many we were used to seeing.

Endless offers:

Nevertheless, the zoo had so much more to offer. From the majestic leopards and playful civet cats to various other intriguing creatures, we were enthralled by the diversity of wildlife. We also marveled at a group of deer.

A Reptilian Adventure:

Our journey led us to the reptile complex, where we encountered fascinating reptiles and amphibians. We witnessed a crocodile with a peculiarly shaped beak, content tortoises swimming in their pool, and a well-fed python enjoying its live meal nearby.

Feathered Friends and Memorable Encounters:

At the bird exhibits, we were greeted by an assortment of remarkable avian species. From birds of prey to the iconic hornbills and vibrant jungle fowl, their colors and songs mesmerized us. 

One particular parrot caught our attention with its intense gaze, seemingly warning us to keep our distance. It was a captivating encounter that reminded us of the diversity and beauty of the avian world.

The Funny Duck and the Flamingo:

As we approached the Flamingo exhibit, we unexpectedly spotted a delightful duck standing alongside the elegant flamingos.

It stood motionless on one leg, probably believing it was a flamingo. This brought a smile to our faces, and we couldn't help but admire the duck's uniqueness and how it added a touch of whimsy to our zoo adventure.

Continuing Our Exploration:

Our journey continued as we ventured into the Long-Tailed Macaque enclosure. These mischievous monkeys entertained us with their playful antics and amusing expressions. Observing their natural behaviors provided us with a deeper understanding of their lives in the wild.


Our visit to Bintulu Zoo brought back nostalgic moments, filled with remarkable encounters and delightful surprises. From the duck that believed it was a flamingo to the vast array of fascinating animals, you should not miss this opportunity to visit this zoo when you get a chance. It's a journey that will create lasting memories and spark a sense of wonder for nature's creations.