Bintulu In 2016

After a long stretch I finally found my way back to Bintulu. I stayed at 900inn this trip. The Inn has also expanded with an introduction of a new wing. The area is more vibrant now with a number of night pubs pocketing the shop lots.

I tried 900 Inn Fish Noodle signature dish for lunch The soup was tasty and peppery. Of course their signature Durian Pizza is still there.

"FOOD COURT" in Bintulu is plenty. You cannot go wrong by visiting on of these "FOOD COURT", lots of choices to choose from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, noodles to rice. Most of it found located between two corner shop lots. The newest one at the time of writing this is Garden Food Court. I tried their Laksa Kuching and dumplings.

Another huge restaurant I spotted as we drove around Medan is Dinner World. It looks huge. I think could easily  hold up to 300 hundred tables. Maybe my next visit I will try to have dinner here.

Medan oh finally has the pedestrian bridge I was complaining about back in the old days. Its still being built so maybe another year or so then you can walk on it. 

Hotels is abundant in this tiny town. A new one spurting before you could even try up the latest. The picture below is a new hotel. I do not even know the name yet.

My trip was too short. I did not even have time to cover the new mall which I heard has no air probably a miss is not too bad after all. :)