The Big Lake In Bintulu

Where is it? Anyone know? I notice this big lake after flying over bintulu a few time. The latest flight was the clearest so I took some snap shot of it. If you you think it’s the reserviour, No is the answer. You can see the reservoir on the left side of the photo. It is smaller and close to bintulu town as compared to the big lake.

The big lake as I called it is located further away along the Miri – Bintulu road up on the mountain ridge. Someone said it’s the bakun dam but isn’t the bakun dam much further away.

Furthermore if it is the dam, we would be able to see the white concrete face wall of the dam. I cannot see no white wall on any of the photos I have taken.

In the 4th photo below, you will see a large clearing area on the right of the big lake which I am assuming must be the Simalajau project.

If anyone know the name of this lake, please comment below? Is there any access road to this lake? Good for fishing or not? Your answers is very much appreciated. :)


  1. Hi i was trying to go to that lake but need to use kampung road to go there. They said alot of tilapia. I tried google earth it they call it Jelalong area.


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