Pizza In Bintulu

This is an under rated restaurant. We would not have tried this restaurant if not because of a friend that told us the pizza here was worth a try. The pizza menu was a choice of toppings. We are all already so in tune with Pizza hut menu that it was not easy to make a choice by toppings. It cost RM1 per topping. The pizza crust cost RM8.00 for regular size.

In the end we asked the waiter to recommend and he told us the Hawaian Pizza was the favourite…Hmmm…sounds like Pizza hut.

We also ordered a Cajun Chicken Salad which cost RM10.00

The pizza arrived first and it tasted heavenly. It comes with a thin crust which is my favorite. We finish the pizza rather fast. Maybe we were hungry or maybe regular were just too small for two people.

The salad was slow to arrive. When it finally did, we understood why. The chef took very special attention in assembling his salad. Totally like fine dinning quality. The chicken was slightly salty but other than that it was perfect!

I would definitely return to this restaurant again and try the other dishes.

UPDATED : May 2012 

We visited this restaurant again and had try their Grilled Fish with prawns on cream sauce. Yummy!