Homey Guesthouse Bintulu

Homey is a guesthouse or backpacker type of lodging. Water dispenser is outside. They offer common bath area. The room in the picture is very small. The walls look like tin can. No TV either. There is barely any space to walk inside the room. I cannot even take a good photograph of the room because it is wall to bed fit. It looked like coffin to me...no way will I stay here...but if you are the budget type then by all means this is the place to be. At RM25 bucks, it is almost a steal. Smoke free, sparkling clean rooms because the place is still new. The room comes with breakfast and it is located at Assyakirin Commercial Center nearby to everything.

UPDATED 8 March 2012  : A friend who stayed here two months ago said the walls are very very thin. Can hear everything oh! Free erotic sounds...he he he


Desirous said...

Yes the walls are very very THIN and it was very noisy, can u imagine we can even hear the person in the next room snoring!i wont deny its one the cheapest i been to, btw the towels are for rent (RM5)

Fussy Traveller said...

Luckily just snoring and not something PG18...he he he!

Beachboy Son said...

Omg.... im u-turning back to the hostel nearby bus station lol

Fussy Traveller said...

Beachboy...if got budget problem then no choice lo. Lol.

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