Long House Bintulu

The left picture shows you the left side of the long house and the right picture shows the right side. All together 82 houses longgggggggggg... you can barely see the end of the last house and I was standing in the middle. I was visiting this house during Gawai celebration. The house owner served us some malay cookies (see below) called kueh penganan or kueh jala, kuehcap. The one in the bottle is unique...its actually dried slice sweetened coconut. They also served the local drink called Tuak which is made from rice wine. I had just a sip.

It was hot then...we got there after noon. No aircon...ceiling fan was going full blast but still hot. To think it was cloudy outside...cant imagine living in a longhouse if the sun was blazing. Some of the floor planks were uneven...luckily they covered most of it with linoleum. They said this house I visited is already considered the modern kind...

Below is an ariel view of one long house.