Sushi Tie

Sushi Tie is a Japanese outlet. I like Japanese so we had to stop by and try out this restaurant.

It looked good from the outside. Inside the decor was nice but spaces is limited. If you are a wide can get tacky trying to walk in between the table.

Errrrrrrrr....where are the sushiessssssss??? We didnt dare to try them as the sushies looked like they have been riding that choo choo train the whole day we decided to order 'em fresh. No bad. The menu didnt offer much choice tho...mostly ramen noodle set. No rice set for dinner crowd. They save them for the lunch crowd. Strange.


  1. Previously service looks ok~
    but, being there just now for our lunch.
    A new employed ladies providing a very terrible service to us. Order and Bill get wrong, Shouting to customer during enquiry...
    Wouldn't be here anymore unless there's no choice.

  2. Oh dear...Either them or sushi king. I do not know of any other Japanese outlet in Bintulu. I heard that one called Nishiki is closed.


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