Bintulu Hotel & Inns

Hello. You ending up here in my blog is because of the same reasons I had back many ages ago when I was looking for a good hotel to stay in.

I am a fussy traveller...rooms must be smoke free, beds must be comfy and location must be good especially if I have no car to travel.

Bintulu has many Inns and hotel ranging from scary ones to really super cool.

First and formost you must understand Bintulu is quite spread out. I have identified 5 major commercial area. Bintulu Town Center, Park City Commercial Square, Tanjung Batu Commercial Centere, Assyakirin Commercial Centre and Medan Jaya Commercial Center. The rest are too small to mention.

To get from one area to the other, you need a car or take a taxi...bicycle is also ok if you do not mind getting to your destination sweaty and puff out.

Assyakirin Commercial and Medan Jaya Commercial Center is pretty closeby...just cross a dual carriageway and a road island...

The Dual Carriageway
No problem for big guys like you to cross but for fussy traveller like hot dusty oh...can we take a taxi? Hee.... There are banks nearby like Public and Maybank. Farley and Sing Kwong are two major departmental store that is also within this area. 

Hotels/Inn found in this area are:-
  • Tune
  • Kemena Hotel
  • Kemena Residence
  • Homey Guesthouse
Further down the road located in the middle of neither here nor there meaning no closeby shops so you will end up at the hotel restaurant whether they serve good food or not are...
  • Jinhold
  • Everly Hotel
  • Imperial Suite
Bintulu Town Center is the land for INNs...plenty to choose from but they definately do not look like the type a fussy travaller will go unless no choice. 

  • Public Inn
  • Sunlight Inn
  • Royal Hotel

The only reason I will pick to stay in Bintulu town area is me not having a car. Staying in town center is great because the choices is lots...plenty of makan shops, banks and sights to see. You will also find Bintulu's ONLY cinema here...located at Top floor of City Point Complex. Dreary looking cinema k...One thing unique about Bintulu Old Town is those little shops under the stair. You cannot miss them if you walk along the shops.

Park City Commercial Square is definately the place to be as the one and only Biggest Bintulu Mall is located here. Its kind of large...lots of new inns are located here. They are space out in different row of shophouses...depending on where that Inn is may need to walk a little bit to get to the mall...on rainy days that will get difficult if you have no umbrella
  • New World Hotel
  • Parkcity Garden Inn
  • Hi5 Inn
  • Kapitan Inn
  • Raegea Inn
  • Living Inn
900 Inn is a unique hotel and it is located a Fortuna Park. Nothing much around the few shophouses here because it is located at residential area. Li Hua Hotel is similiar to 900 Inn and it is also located in a residential area called Berjaya Commercial Center

You can click on my Hotel Link (at the bottom) to get to the individual hotel official website or click on to the Bintulu Development Authority Page. However take note that BDA  list is not up to date.