Bolaven Restaurant Cafe Bintulu

Bolaven Cafe comes from Laos serving high grade coffee. Beside San Francisco Cafe this is the only other cafe in Bintulu Town. Do you have a choice? I don't think so. No starbucks here. No Coffee Bean. I am not a fan of coffee so its better I do not say much. However my friends who drank Bolaven coffee says its worth the price. Yup, this is a starbuck price affair. No kopitiam cheapo version here.

Most of the coffee is served with a glass of water by the side which I find quite freshing. The food here is so so but the dessert is delicious though. I tried the cheesecake and the chocolate mousse. You will be in chocolate heaven if you try their chocolate mousse. Heard that they use imported chocolate. YUM...

Since I am not a fan of coffee, I had a go with their dragon fruit juice. It was pure juice.


  1. Without a doubt, the coffee is the best in town. The Bolaven Ice melt is yummy!! For pasta lovers, try the Angel hair. The burger is also great. Its huge and the meat is juicy.


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