Venus Inn Bintulu

Ahhh...venus. Recently open inn so everything was new. Price RM88 nett for this room you see in the picture. No refrigerator. No Hair dryer. No cupboard. No cupboard. Wall hanger so high. For a petite person like me...tough...had to stand on tip toes just to hang those towels.

No lift...lucky room was on the first floor so it was not too bad carrying our load up on those long flight of stairs.

Hall way echoes when someone walks or closes a door.

The first time we ask for extra pillow, we were told it is rented out at RM3 a piece. Later at night, we asked a different guy and he was kind enough to give one for free.

The bed was springy...meaning if you are a princess and the pea story...forget sleeping. I can feel each spring in that bed. No Zzzzzzzz....

Overall I rate this inn as...the first and the last time visit.


  1. it true?? i just googling fr this inn n cant believe wht i read here... hehhee


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